Untitled part1

posted on 02 Apr 2009 14:52 by kmaync
A yellow covered newspaper was on the table for 3 days without anyone opening it. Maybe it was in my room for more than this but no one noticed, including the owner of this room, me. And the very damaged red alarm clock was placed beneath my bed like an old man without any breath left. The sounds of the alarm clock cut through molecules of air and come into my ear. This sound demonstrates that now it is 7.00 am, the electric signal begins running from my brain to my whole body, it causes my left hand to be put on my left ear slowly but ny right hand cannot move because it was tied up to bed by a big nyron rope. I bought this rope last night because my best friend advised me; he said that "you should tie you hand up to your bed if you don't want to destroy alarm clock again". I have bought 7 alarm clocks since last week and I also didn't want to buy new alarm clocks anymore, and it works. I really hate the sounds of alarm clocks when they ring but I don't know why ; maybe i have got some tragic history with an alarm clock when I was young. (and it should be very long time ago because I can't remember it)

Anyway, because today I have to go to interview for a new job, I slightly move my body from my lovely bed to the bathroom, which is without having a clean for 1 week. I'm starting to take off my dress, the white T-shirt with obama face in the pop-art styles is my first victim that having get rid of (Don't cry my T-shirt) and just so you know, the next victim is my pants (because i don't want to leave my T-shirt alone). So I throw all the stuff to the bucket and used my right hand to turn on the shower tap. The water drop began to fall down from 1st drop to 2nd drop over and over again, until my body was overwhelmed by the wet substance. I spend time in the bath room for 32 minutes ; this is not my best record because last year I did it for 33 minutes. After I was finished having shower, I found that now is 7.35am (and maybe 25 second). I think i will be late if i didn't hurry up, that's why just 10 minutes later I left my home, while the yellow covered newspaper still lay down on my table the same.